Baby chest

This chest belongs to a lady who is the youngest sister in her family.  The chest had been used by the daughters when they were young and was called “the baby chest”.  Because of the way it looked, it had been kept in a closet.

This picture shows how the chest looked before we began to work on it.  Notice that it had been ‘antiqued’ with several coats of paint and some parts are missing and broken.

Details about the baby chest:

Baby Chest Original Condition

This chest was antiqued with three coats of paint.

We had to strip all the paint and thoroughly clean the detailed surfaces.  The customer also requested that the drawers be repaired so that they closed properly.


Drawer slides were installed to stabilize the drawers.

The next step involved applying the stain that was selected by the client, reinstalling the external handles and applying several coats of finish.

When delivered to the client her comment was “wow” and she placed it at her front entrance area so all could see it, especially her older sisters who were visiting soon.

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