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Dog-gone-it, the dog chewed my furniture

We received a call from a client who had a new puppy, cut little guy.  Turns out that little Fido had chewed on the furniture.  Dog-chewed furniture is something we do know about.   In fact, at Furniture Medic by Swenson, we specialize in repairing pet damaged furniture. Here are before and after pictures of a table leg that […]

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Broken Pieces, Loose Frames and Glue Joint Repairs

A common repair is to ‘tighten’ loose furniture such as chairs, tables, or chest of drawers.  We can tighten frames by gluing critical joints.  If needed, we can completely disassemble the piece of furniture, remove old glue, and reassemble the piece.  In fact, it would seem that a piece that is falling apart is more […]

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How to tell your furniture’s finish

Wood furniture is the most common piece of decor you can find in the average home. It is common for wood furniture to be passed down through generations from one family member to another. The stately nature of wood furniture also makes it a popular addition to almost every type of design scheme imaginable. However, […]

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