Let us repair your chairs

It’s that time of the year – time to get the house ready for family and guests who will be visiting for the holidays! You already know to make time to polish the silver and iron the tablecloths, but how about those dining rooms chairs?

This holiday season, make sure everyone can take a seat at the table by calling Furniture Medic!    Dining chairs with loose backs can be uncomfortable and unsafe. Call Furniture Medic and we will tighten or reglue those chairs for the cost of just $50 each (minimum of four chairs, please). The work is done right in your home, and we can usually have you fixed up in less than an hour.

Contact Furniture Medic by Swenson at 877-835-3697 and schedule an appointment  for this pre-holiday special. Don’t wait; get those dining room chairs fixed up in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

If you have any furniture that needs fixing, call on Furniture Medic. From minor repairs to major refinishing jobs, Furniture Medic has the skill and experience to do the job right.

Serving the area since 2011, Furniture Medic offers professional service for repairing, refinishing, restoring and refurbishing all types of wood furniture. Whether the damage is minor or the piece requires a complete renovation, Furniture Medic is the right choice.

If your wood furniture suffers damage as a result of a flood, storm or other emergency, Furniture Medic can do touch-up refinishing. This service is especially useful for pieces that suffer water damage. The area of damage can be repaired and stained to match the original finish. Furniture Medic is pleased to offer insurance estimates; please contact them for more information.

In addition to regluing, FurnitureMedic offers a full slate of repair services for dining chairs. Caned seats and backs can be replaced, either with hand caning or sheet cane. Fiber splint seats look great on ladder-back chairs; this technique weaves rush fibers or fiber splints for an artistic effect.

When furniture needs a complete top-to-bottom refinishing, the process entails the complete stripping of the piece, down to the bare wood. Your choice of stain is applied and the piece is completed with a durable finish.

Another option is refurbishing. Refurbishing can bring new life to furniture for half the cost of refinishing. Refurbishing includes cleaning and application of new stain and seal. This is a great option for those on a budget.

Furniture Medic is happy to make house calls.  Call Furniture Medic by Swenson at (877) 835-3697, send an email to furnituremedicbyswenson@gmail.com, or use the Contact form at www.furnituremedicbyswenson.com.

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