Candle safety and damage

Over the years Furniture Medic has been asked to repair damage due to candles being inadvertently tipped over and damaging a piece of furniture, primarily tables.  With the holidays upon us it is appropriate to remind you about Candle Safety.  

This article is used by permission from National Property Inspections, .

Please be safe, but if you experience damage, we know how to fix.

Autumn is in full swing, the holidays are approaching, and for many people, it’s candle season. Candles can create an attractive display, whether solo or placed precisely inside or around additional décor. The ambience and aroma of candles burning in a home is pleasurable and relaxing for many people. But lets’ remember that fire is involved. Whether you are burning candles on a birthday cake, at dinner, while Christmas caroling, or while relaxing in the bath, we’d like to remind you of some simple candle safety tips:

  • Make sure candles are completely snuffed and the wicks do not have hot embers or are still smoking when you throw them away. A candle that is not completely out could easily cause a fire in a trash can or other area.
  • Be alert when you have candles burning. Stay in the room so you can see them quickly if they tip over or if a draft blows something into the flame. Never go to sleep with candles burning inside your home; a potential fire from the open flame could become out of control quickly.
  • Never leave children or pets unattended near burning candles. A curious child could easily get burned or even drop or knock over a lit candle over. Likewise, pet tails, whiskers and floppy ears could get burned if an animal gets too close to a candle.
  • When burning candles, make sure they are not located close enough to come into contact with flammable materials, such as bedding, furniture, window coverings, newspapers, mail, aerosol cans, gases and clothing.
  • Place candles on level surfaces that can support their weight. Candle holders can help prevent a candle from falling over and aid in catching hot wax that may trickle down the sides of a candle. Even jarred candles need to be on level, weight-supporting surfaces, as they may slide off or tip over.

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