Protect Your Furniture This Holiday Season

MEMPHIS, TN–(Marketwired – November 23, 2015) – As the holidays draw near, many party hosts will scramble to inspect their fine china and iron tablecloths in preparation for holiday get-togethers. This year, Furniture Medic, a leading provider of furniture repair and restoration, reminds us to follow these expert tips to protect our household furniture this holiday season.

“During the holidays most people are busy getting ready for parties and buying gifts, unaware that they may be setting the stage for their favorite pieces of furniture to suffer costly damage,” said Gina Moss, manager of technical training at Furniture Medic. “Some of the most common damages we see to finished surfaces during the holidays are actually avoidable, either by taking precautions beforehand, or knowing what to do as soon as you notice that an item has been damaged.”

Here are some of the most common culprits of damage, and Moss’s expert advice on how to protect your finished surfaces and enjoy them for holidays to come.

  • Candles and Oils: If strategically situating holiday-scented candles and oils around the house is part of your decorating to-do list, be sure that each candle or oil product is kept on a tray or in a holder. This not only protects your finished surfaces from pesky spills, but placing a barrier down first also prevents any dye discoloration or damage to the finish.
  • Table D├ęcor: Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a delicious meal at a festively decorated table. Unless you’re planning to celebrate all year long, be sure to avoid using plastic or vinyl placemats in your tablescape — the chemicals from the mats can leave an imprint or ghost image on the finish.
  • Buffet Style: It’s a fairly common phenomenon around the holidays: people turning different pieces of furniture into makeshift buffets and tables. If you have plans for your ping-pong table this season, make a point to use trivets, thick oven mitts or even dish towels under hot casserole dishes to protect your finished surfaces from damaging white spots.
  • Coasters: Drink coasters aren’t just for the ultra paranoid. If you’re hosting a holiday shindig this year, embrace your inner neat freak — sprinkle coasters in all shapes and sizes about your house to protect finished surfaces from those dreaded water rings.
  • Aftermath: After all the conversations, laughs and feasts, you’ll want to do a deep cleaning of everything left in the wake. Be careful not to leave damp towels, wash cloths, even paper products soaked in cleaning spray on your finished wood surfaces to avoid permanent white spots and discoloration.

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