The swan table

I was repairing some furniture for a customer and the lady handed me a bags of wooden parts and asked if I can assemble and refinish it.IMG_0804.JPG (2)


As it turns out, the table had been in her family for generations and had been broken at some point.  There were several places that were broken.  I repaired all of the damages and stripped old color and finish.  The table was stained and several coats of clear topcoat were applied.IMG_1150

The customer was pleased and proud to display in her home.


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Antique Trunk restoration

We were asked to perform a partial(low budget) restoration of an antique trunk.  I conducted some basic research and determined that the trunk is known as a ‘flat top’ style and probably built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.  This style is desirable because it can be converted to a coffee table.  The owner expressed some interest in doing that.  She only wanted the outside restored.

antique trunk








I researched some companies that sell parts for trunks and found all the leather and other parts at WSI Distributors (

The work was interesting and a great learning experience.  One of the biggest challenges was how to color the leather straps and keepers.  We finally used neatsfoot oil and shoe polish to slightly darken the leather to match the restored wood.  We also installed some adjustable feet on the bottom to raise the trunk off of the floor.  We provided the customer with metal and fabric feet which could be used on carpet or wood floors.

I worked with a glass company to design a piece of 3/8 inch glass in an oval shape that fit on the top of the trunk.  I decide that 3/8 was better suited for the top since 1/4 may not be strong enough.  The glass company polished the edges to eliminate the sharp edges.   We used small plastic disks on each of the 8 contact points on the top of the trunk.  This provided enough friction to keep the glass from moving.

The customer was pleased with the results.



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Dog-gone-it, the dog chewed my furniture

We received a call from a client who had a new puppy, cut little guy.  Turns out that little Fido had chewed on the furniture.  Dog-chewed furniture is something we do know about.   In fact, at Furniture Medic by Swenson, we specialize in repairing pet damaged furniture.

Here are before and after pictures of a table leg that was chewed on by Coco, a chocolate lab puppy. I’m sure glad she didn’t try to nibble my toes!

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Broken Pieces, Loose Frames and Glue Joint Repairs

A common repair is to ‘tighten’ loose furniture such as chairs, tables, or chest of drawers.  We can tighten frames by gluing critical joints.  If needed, we can completely disassemble the piece of furniture, remove old glue, and reassemble the piece.  In fact, it would seem that a piece that is falling apart is more difficult and more expensive to repair when the exact opposite is true.  In almost all circumstances it makes the job of disassembly quicker saving time and money and the piece of furniture.

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How to tell your furniture’s finish

Wood furniture is the most common piece of decor you can find in the average home. It is common for wood furniture to be passed down through generations from one family member to another.

The stately nature of wood furniture also makes it a popular addition to almost every type of design scheme imaginable. However, it also requires a certain level of care that isn’t necessary with synthetic or metallic furniture. It is very important to know what type of finish is already on your furniture before you attempt to fix any minor imperfections or try to refinish it.

Older furniture was often finished with a mixture of linseed oil and various chemicals. It was a basic finishing solution that was only meant to repel miniscule amounts of water. Furniture older than 50 years may still be refinished using this mixture. You should not redo this type of finish yourself unless you don’t care about its value as an antique.
Newer furniture is often finished with a polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is an inexpensive and durable finish that can take a lot of abuse before requiring refinishing. Oil-based finishes are sometimes used on more expensive furniture.

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Holiday chairs

It’s that time of the year – time to get the house ready for family and guests who will be visiting for the holidays! You already know to make time to polish the silver and iron the tablecloths, but how about those dining rooms chairs?

This holiday season, make sure everyone can take a seat at the table by calling Furniture Medic by Swenson!  Dining chairs with loose backs can be uncomfortable and unsafe. Call Furniture Medic by Swenson and we will tighten or reglue those chairs for the cost of just $50 each (minimum of four chairs, please). The work is done right in your home, and we can usually have you fixed up in less than an hour.


If you need new cushions on your nice chairs, we can help with that as well.  You can select from many different fabrics available from  Once you have chosen the fabric, contact us and we can arrange for custom installation.

Contact Furniture Medic by Swenson at toll free 877-835-3697 and schedule an appointment with for this pre-holiday special. Don’t wait; get those dining room chairs fixed up in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

If you have any furniture that needs fixing, call on Furniture Medic by Swenson.   From minor repairs to major refinishing jobs, Furniture Medic by Swenson has the skill and experience to do the job right.

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Upholstery and new fabrics

Furniture Medic by Swenson is now able to handle your furniture upholstery needs.  We are now associated with Greenhouse Fabrics, a North Carolina company, with more than 10,000 fabric selections to chose from (many made in the USA).  We have some sample books, all fabrics can be viewed on line and we are able to obtain samples within days.  We are associated with 2 qualified upholstery shops.

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Damage to furniture leg

Client had experienced some damage to a beautiful piece of furniture during a move.  One of the legs and part of a decorative piece had been broken.  The damage is shown in picture below.

We were able to fabricate a new decorative piece and repair the damaged leg.  Both were re-attached and the color restored.  The leg was much stronger than before.

The customer was pleased.

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Damage to painted furniture

We were contacted by a client to repair some damage to the top of a bedside table.  Some liquid room deodorizer had been spilled on the corner of the table.  This stuff is very damaging and removed the paint and topcoat.  In the picture below you can see the damage.

 Below is a picture of the same area after the damage has been repaired.  The customer was pleased.


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Baby chest

This chest belongs to a lady who is the youngest sister in her family.  The chest had been used by the daughters when they were young and was called “the baby chest”.  Because of the way it looked, it had been kept in a closet.

This picture shows how the chest looked before we began to work on it.  Notice that it had been ‘antiqued’ with several coats of paint and some parts are missing and broken.

Details about the baby chest:

Baby Chest Original Condition

This chest was antiqued with three coats of paint.

We had to strip all the paint and thoroughly clean the detailed surfaces.  The customer also requested that the drawers be repaired so that they closed properly.


Drawer slides were installed to stabilize the drawers.

The next step involved applying the stain that was selected by the client, reinstalling the external handles and applying several coats of finish.

When delivered to the client her comment was “wow” and she placed it at her front entrance area so all could see it, especially her older sisters who were visiting soon.

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