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Let us repair your chairs

It’s that time of the year – time to get the house ready for family and guests who will be visiting for the holidays! You already know to make time to polish the silver and iron the tablecloths, but how about those dining rooms chairs? This holiday season, make sure everyone can take a seat […]

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Dog-gone-it, the dog chewed my furniture

We received a call from a client who had a new puppy, cut little guy.  Turns out that little Fido had chewed on the furniture.  Dog-chewed furniture is something we do know about.   In fact, at Furniture Medic by Swenson, we specialize in repairing pet damaged furniture. Here are before and after pictures of a table leg that […]

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Damage to furniture leg

Client had experienced some damage to a beautiful piece of furniture during a move.  One of the legs and part of a decorative piece had been broken.  The damage is shown in picture below. We were able to fabricate a new decorative piece and repair the damaged leg.  Both were re-attached and the color restored.  The leg was much […]

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